Like some sort of prick I like to travel and like all the pricks I meet I like to express this in written form. Yeha, travel for me homies and take them to Bangladesh.
May 31, 2017

Travel my Face

It’s all well and good giving advice on various bits and pieces, but sometimes what you really need is a first person account of an experience to bring something to life. Travel stories give a certain realism to the dream of travelling and are full of inspirational lessons. We have loads of articles which offer just that in this section, so have a browse through and see through the eyes of people who have been fortunate enough to experience these amazing things and report back. Perhaps you’ve already been there and done it, and fancy having a go at story-telling? In which case, get in touch with us and pitch an idea for an article; we love reading about your experiences, and so do all our fans. < prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 12 next > Page 1 of 12 pages (118 results) How to Not Get Shot at the Korean Demilitarised Zone The Korean demilitarised zone is the potential front line for a new World War. This is what it was like to visit as a tourist from the South Korean side. Brazil Off the Beaten Track: Visiting Paraty and Ilha Grande Many travellers visit Brazil’s big cities – Rio and Sao Paulo – and miss out on its less bustling, more beautiful spots like Paraty and Ilha Grande. Can You Take a Gap Year at 17 Years Old? Backpacking and gap year travel is considered something for those aged 18+ only. How hard is it to go travelling if you’re 17 years old? The Big Interview: Amy Baker, Author of Miss-Adventures Amy Baker quit her job to go travelling across South America, and her story has now been published. We caught up with her to talk adventure. Exploring Iguassu Falls, South America’s Most Spectacular Natural Wonder Iguassu Falls is the biggest waterfall system in the world and a must-visit for anybody making the journey to either Brazil or Argentina. Interview: Cassie DePecol, the First Woman to Visit Every Country in the World Interview: Cassie DePecol is bidding to be the first documented woman to visit every country in the world, and the fastest person to ever do it. Where Our Writers Are Spending Christmas We spoke to some of our contributors about their experiences of spending the holidays travelling, and where they’ll be for Christmas this year. I Won’t Be Home for Christmas: What It’s Like Spending the Holidays Overseas Spending Christmas abroad while travelling can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be depressing. Make travelling at Christmas an opportunity. 7 Travel Epiphanies We’ve All Experienced When you travel you’ll often have small realisations or moments of epiphany that make you realise why you went backpacking in the first place. The Wonder of Hitchhiking in Iceland It’s considered by many to be dangerous, but hitchhiking in Iceland is part of the culture, and a perfect way to see this amazing country. < prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 12 next > Page […]