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The Name Call podcast were approached by Birds and Bees Veterinarians in Blackpool to cry the names of people who are yet to collect their pets.

If you are one of the following names, please, call your veterinarian.

The Name Call:

Mope Plentiful

Akliman Pampolino

Paul Sopso

Pete Ragstaff-Infection

Graham Grenoldson

Liciano Holmes

Billy Bobblebreast

Toto Kumandok

Luke Rasmason

Ramon Ram

Rigan Holiday

Tuesday Yesteryear

Isabelle Frankmanship

Matthew Walsh

Hoop Macintosh

Jazz Christmas

Jipsy Protest

Poole Franks

Howden Goodmaker

George Totteringham

Dee Finikity

Lisa Barnard-Hogglepratterton

Quas Tasmanian

Pauline Fagglesmite

Vance Alimoses

Ruth Holdonyou

Russel Giglane

Piss Zimmerman

Lee Roldholdmold

Milli Suzuki

King Raggle II

Neil Jews

Betty Campbell

Randall Ponderstam

Rick Mackleson

Signet Ramrassle

Fred Vanquish

Rudy McNapplepressure

Essel Hander

Rab McNee

Cloist Herbert-Cloist

Ben Trovato

Olivia Kimble-Practitioner

Ho Mim

Lip Huckle

Quazer Rattle-McSnake

Yiffin Bast

Gordon Jivell

Luke Sideswipe

Lincoln Kinf

Fergus Collinson

Gale Turdfactor

Iain Jemput

Quex Yek

Teddy Batterhouse

Barney Solewisher

Norman Fergiperpound

Piers Listensoft

Himpo Ostrich

Liaminofintapple Smith

Yunis Hospitality

Tiger Purse

Kelly Wankfigure

Kirsty Tapturn

Hayley Youth

Purn Bloomprice

Hoot Fuck

Cammel Lanister

Oppie Bird

Tan Gimps

Quamp Gibble

Richard Whits

Wiley McNavel

Burt Gangreen

Vince Frost

Julie Klompert

Polish Hooman

Billy Bill

Gillian Crampfooter

Ease Merrigoldbullion

Willis Santifargo

Pinto Nelkimpo

Madison Gaspark

Esmerelda Hathutch

Ruth Jimbreak

Lewis Bellowsmith

Trevor Hin

Gus Varoooooooooooooo

Wesmip Yakington

Perdy Breastfondle

Great David Greenhouse

Virtuoso Man

Harry Neese

Rich Berry

Renti Kinson

Rachel Olivader

James Coppersmit

Kenneth Wallarson

Hoof Frank

Henry Jigg

Yannett Denapoo

Ti Hop

Lod Kerrymerse

Gallis Basilherd

Pottery Watchermathing

Kim Doods

Weldon Primrose

Umaf Radstreet

Bob Footlestroot

Kio Ten

Gow Billing

Offen Tirrelspick

Valerie Cantelope

Ishmain Fredd

Xlata Janefrog

Wip Barker

Gallet Smeggle

Sam Foot

Troy Hosamap

Frost Cooler

Bolton Turnish

Boil Hipgrave

Vince Possin

Frank Frederick

Lenny Middlestride

Ha Inkerstampalovian

Huey McBit

Ressle Mimicapickle

Janine Soleshaker

William Oldperson

Catherine Gasman

Poppy Tootwright

Penelope Happlesnap

Turnic Cageman

Eaves Lanasapolasian

Egle Nam

Simimon Mimosa

Hendry Fingersnap

Randy Persuader

Lemper Hilliard

Benson Turnaser

Poo Habit

Himpy Jones

Julianna California

Russell McNabbit

Isle Clove-Tapper

Bob Nestagent

Lars Notapopper


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