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The first Name Call podcast sees the reading of names from The Name Call.

The Name Call is a paperback list found attached to the noticeboard of an abandoned quarry.

Concerned The Name Call list is of importance I, Stuart Cotterill, have decided to broadcast this list to help find those listed.

The names of The Name Call are real to those who consider them their names. Until then, they are made up.

If you are one of the names called in The Name Call

It is expected that some of you may not be the names you claim you are and are chancing it in the hope the reward for claiming said name brings gold bullion.

The mention of gold bullion, I now admit, is a mistake on my part. This will no doubt encourage more people to chance claiming a name. Especially those who were on the fence about doing so a paragraph back. There is no gold bullion for you.

What was an honest podcast reading out a list of names has become a podcast of dishonesty and masquerading. Shame on you all.

Enjoy all the same.

The Name Call:

Aleg Cucumber

Sperrel Fenegg

Alec Splanfloiter

Lucas Necatism

Sploon Flactribe

Louise Mancraider

Sidney Loftmaker

Tunisia Mosambeek

Pimpim Lamportier

Ling Gold

Lu Smelk

Po Himbo

Politik Rakman

Reginald Penrose

Ubersmit Kegglesmack

Tristin Longthroat

Greg Gaggleman

Oliver Spoonwiser

Tintan Frenquintin

Nu Frol

Ju Gensby

Ben Frass

Turtle Hoosberry

Wes Duncan-Elliot-Pratt

Les Dincan-Welliot-Platt

Des Dancun-Melliot-Spatt

Carl Hissto

Kevin Lunatosium

Kelvin Polastica

Richard Olivieras

Riccardo Bonveyardge

Luton Domestic

Wizzles Crackman

Tick MacEnuff

Quentin Spacegoon

Lis Bensmith

Pauline Roths-Ditch

Dick Fantastic

Credit Gill

Mi Blanchard

Bibi Francis

Bolm Everstart

Worcester Louse

Vicram Brazil

Ingram Cattleprod-Lacey

Ingis Juliatrattle

Purpose Incident

Carl Minesota

Vincent Janurary

Yelis Bovine-Brute

Twen Yipscale

Olivas Dimentakus

Terry Underbreath

Tilsley Abercorn

Tigerfritt Beige

Ian Undercoate

Lucas Desi

Lucius Hammersmoke

Tespo Noodfuk

Roland Rest

Sarah Moonpipe

Ranquin Littleprobe

Rankin Poomellow

Harry Envelope

Kilo Notmuch

Rignal Frankingtrough

Woosnappin Barrowfall

Billy Hollowbright

Barry Coldwilly

Bob Noombickle

Barry Toadfigure

Gracious Jusmingo

Neil Tenderhooks

Holly Washbasin

Willo Looklike

Vicky Ambersole

Vecky Aberdeen

Lucy Crosswindow

Pauline Rollersnap

Olivia Clapbright

Olivia Dunthingk

Billow Sword-Wick

Xlan Vintigo

Lou Merrygold

Anderson Withmaker

Pilo Mem-la-Fonde

Belly Humdinger

Kelly Roostermento

Ian Soilsbury

Ian Lostwood

Ian Oinkmanship

Iain Poleracer

Ian Kingwook

Tito Eavesdropamakatakango

Bhus Ghani

Gig Brackles

Simon Louwicker

Reginald Triviuos

Simon Frankmickle

Edward Simple

Edwin Popplerack

Keith Gardmink

Kev Bubbleshot

Turd Loik

Kalvin Oppresion-Moist

Tony Habberdasherthing

George Jigglesmiz

Zoe Wackle

Edward Joist

Tony Malony

Yasmin Oggledy

Yelsin Nealsman

Narrow Biltfriar

Ralph Horrosmain

Nigel Gloisk

Kathrine Vincatota

Angelica Waglestamp

Penelope Truemaster

Ramenca Boonswallow

Wally Wogglebreath

Heath Holiday

Yulup Posemettle

Emma Coonsonmy

Ya Oiu-Barraclough

Henrietta Loughtoin

Natasha Derkin

Napoleon Kisslefreck

Kirsty Doggle

Elizabeth Elizabeth

Herbie Terrortickle

Elisia Hardworker

Rachel Raisemonger

Rachel Poosmooker

Rachel kimboslicker

Rachel Turtlespine

Egypt Bosnia

Alexander Frankenpickle

Edwiana Listermock

Klarriss Boingherd

Daniella Vocalaminos

Susanna Kribblemac

Cathrithe Loosenage

Elephan Harricola

Alisand Tisabel

Lucy Gooooog

Gabby Noodballs

Sister Juminci

Instain Locust


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