I replaced sugar, masturbation, and serial killing with writing. Here's my journey.

'This is not the place for the those who like reading. Nor is it a place for those who do'

King Constantine I,

“The Constantine Gardener” by William Florist,

“In Bloom: Works of Florist” by Dick Mosthansom,
"False Quotes and People" by Stuart Cotterill.
November 11, 2017

what is thinking

here i am thinking without thought
October 12, 2017
Name Call Podcast Official

Name Call | The Veterinarians Black List

The Name Call podcast were approached by Birds and Bees Veterinarians in Blackpool to cry the names of people who are yet to collect their pets. If you are one of the following names, please, call your veterinarian. The Name Call: Mope Plentiful Akliman Pampolino Paul Sopso Pete Ragstaff-Infection Graham Grenoldson Liciano Holmes Billy Bobblebreast Toto Kumandok Luke Rasmason Ramon Ram Rigan Holiday Tuesday Yesteryear Isabelle Frankmanship Matthew Walsh Hoop Macintosh Jazz Christmas Jipsy Protest Poole Franks Howden Goodmaker George Totteringham Dee Finikity Lisa Barnard-Hogglepratterton Quas Tasmanian Pauline Fagglesmite Vance Alimoses Ruth Holdonyou Russel Giglane Piss Zimmerman Lee Roldholdmold Milli Suzuki King Raggle II Neil Jews Betty Campbell Randall Ponderstam Rick Mackleson Signet Ramrassle Fred Vanquish Rudy McNapplepressure Essel Hander Rab McNee Cloist Herbert-Cloist Ben Trovato Olivia Kimble-Practitioner Ho Mim Lip Huckle Quazer Rattle-McSnake Yiffin Bast Gordon Jivell Luke Sideswipe Lincoln Kinf Fergus Collinson Gale Turdfactor Iain Jemput Quex Yek Teddy Batterhouse Barney Solewisher Norman Fergiperpound Piers Listensoft Himpo Ostrich Liaminofintapple Smith Yunis Hospitality Tiger Purse Kelly Wankfigure Kirsty Tapturn Hayley Youth Purn Bloomprice Hoot Fuck Cammel Lanister Oppie Bird Tan Gimps Quamp Gibble Richard Whits Wiley McNavel Burt Gangreen Vince Frost Julie Klompert Polish Hooman Billy Bill Gillian Crampfooter Ease Merrigoldbullion Willis Santifargo Pinto Nelkimpo Madison Gaspark Esmerelda Hathutch Ruth Jimbreak Lewis Bellowsmith Trevor Hin Gus Varoooooooooooooo Wesmip Yakington Perdy Breastfondle Great David Greenhouse Virtuoso Man Harry Neese Rich Berry Renti Kinson Rachel Olivader James Coppersmit Kenneth Wallarson Hoof Frank Henry Jigg Yannett Denapoo Ti Hop Lod Kerrymerse Gallis Basilherd Pottery Watchermathing Kim Doods Weldon Primrose Umaf Radstreet Bob Footlestroot Kio Ten Gow Billing Offen Tirrelspick Valerie Cantelope Ishmain Fredd Xlata Janefrog Wip Barker Gallet Smeggle Sam Foot Troy Hosamap Frost Cooler Bolton Turnish Boil Hipgrave Vince Possin Frank Frederick Lenny Middlestride Ha Inkerstampalovian Huey McBit Ressle Mimicapickle Janine Soleshaker William Oldperson Catherine Gasman Poppy Tootwright Penelope Happlesnap Turnic Cageman Eaves Lanasapolasian Egle Nam Simimon Mimosa Hendry Fingersnap Randy Persuader Lemper Hilliard Benson Turnaser Poo Habit Himpy Jones Julianna California Russell McNabbit Isle Clove-Tapper Bob Nestagent Lars Notapopper http://essencesofstuart.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Name-Call-2.mp3Podcast (name-call): Play in new window | Download
October 12, 2017
Name Call Podcast Official

Name Call | The Name Call

The first Name Call podcast sees the reading of names from The Name Call. The Name Call is a paperback list found attached to the noticeboard of an abandoned quarry. Concerned The Name Call list is of importance I, Stuart Cotterill, have decided to broadcast this list to help find those listed. The names of The Name Call are real to those who consider them their names. Until then, they are made up. If you are one of the names called in The Name Call It is expected that some of you may not be the names you claim you are and are chancing it in the hope the reward for claiming said name brings gold bullion. The mention of gold bullion, I now admit, is a mistake on my part. This will no doubt encourage more people to chance claiming a name. Especially those who were on the fence about doing so a paragraph back. There is no gold bullion for you. What was an honest podcast reading out a list of names has become a podcast of dishonesty and masquerading. Shame on you all. Enjoy all the same. The Name Call: Aleg Cucumber Sperrel Fenegg Alec Splanfloiter Lucas Necatism Sploon Flactribe Louise Mancraider Sidney Loftmaker Tunisia Mosambeek Pimpim Lamportier Ling Gold Lu Smelk Po Himbo Politik Rakman Reginald Penrose Ubersmit Kegglesmack Tristin Longthroat Greg Gaggleman Oliver Spoonwiser Tintan Frenquintin Nu Frol Ju Gensby Ben Frass Turtle Hoosberry Wes Duncan-Elliot-Pratt Les Dincan-Welliot-Platt Des Dancun-Melliot-Spatt Carl Hissto Kevin Lunatosium Kelvin Polastica Richard Olivieras Riccardo Bonveyardge Luton Domestic Wizzles Crackman Tick MacEnuff Quentin Spacegoon Lis Bensmith Pauline Roths-Ditch Dick Fantastic Credit Gill Mi Blanchard Bibi Francis Bolm Everstart Worcester Louse Vicram Brazil Ingram Cattleprod-Lacey Ingis Juliatrattle Purpose Incident Carl Minesota Vincent Janurary Yelis Bovine-Brute Twen Yipscale Olivas Dimentakus Terry Underbreath Tilsley Abercorn Tigerfritt Beige Ian Undercoate Lucas Desi Lucius Hammersmoke Tespo Noodfuk Roland Rest Sarah Moonpipe Ranquin Littleprobe Rankin Poomellow Harry Envelope Kilo Notmuch Rignal Frankingtrough Woosnappin Barrowfall Billy Hollowbright Barry Coldwilly Bob Noombickle Barry Toadfigure Gracious Jusmingo Neil Tenderhooks Holly Washbasin Willo Looklike Vicky Ambersole Vecky Aberdeen Lucy Crosswindow Pauline Rollersnap Olivia Clapbright Olivia Dunthingk Billow Sword-Wick Xlan Vintigo Lou Merrygold Anderson Withmaker Pilo Mem-la-Fonde Belly Humdinger Kelly Roostermento Ian Soilsbury Ian Lostwood Ian Oinkmanship Iain Poleracer Ian Kingwook Tito Eavesdropamakatakango Bhus Ghani Gig Brackles Simon Louwicker Reginald Triviuos Simon Frankmickle Edward Simple Edwin Popplerack Keith Gardmink Kev Bubbleshot Turd Loik Kalvin Oppresion-Moist Tony Habberdasherthing George Jigglesmiz Zoe Wackle Edward Joist Tony Malony Yasmin Oggledy Yelsin Nealsman Narrow Biltfriar Ralph Horrosmain Nigel Gloisk Kathrine Vincatota Angelica Waglestamp Penelope Truemaster Ramenca Boonswallow Wally Wogglebreath Heath Holiday Yulup Posemettle Emma Coonsonmy Ya Oiu-Barraclough Henrietta Loughtoin Natasha Derkin Napoleon Kisslefreck Kirsty Doggle Elizabeth Elizabeth Herbie Terrortickle Elisia Hardworker Rachel Raisemonger Rachel Poosmooker Rachel kimboslicker Rachel Turtlespine Egypt Bosnia Alexander Frankenpickle Edwiana Listermock Klarriss Boingherd Daniella Vocalaminos Susanna Kribblemac Cathrithe Loosenage Elephan Harricola Alisand Tisabel Lucy Gooooog Gabby Noodballs Sister Juminci Instain Locust http://essencesofstuart.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Name-Call-1.mp3Podcast (name-call): Play in new window | Download
  • Lego Yaltz
    Before I came here my hands were real clammy. Every time I touch my cat it's fur would come to my hands and I am like monster. Now my cat does not visit me. Maybe he meow at door for someone to cure me. I don't know. I live on busy road. Now i come here and my hands are less clammy and the fur just falls off. my cat still not return. I buy new one and when old one return i kill.
    Lego Yaltz
  • marin osoli
    she says it is where i should go to get two gallons of whole milk but i don't know where to put the coupon to get the milk please help
    marin osoli
  • Luke Wackermin
    I am is well impressed with what he does when he puts the letters i use but then they different somehow i don't know what he does but it like he know somethin i don;t or what.
    Luke Wackermin
  • John Rackelmount
    I like most things I find on the internet but reading ain't one of them.
    John Rackelmount
    Boopins & Saint